tv creepypasta

This is TV creepypasta about an old TV:

A week ago my dad bought an old TV from 1950s. It’s like some kind of furniture, having four legs, and stands right on the floor. It has mahogany finish and should have been very expensive when it was new. With two round handles in front you can change stations and regulate volume. Today’s electronics are completely different than they were those days. My dad says that old things have a soul, and I can only agree.

However, it wasn’t just some whim to buy this TV. My dad likes to collect old things, and our house is full of them. I think that this happens because of my mother who left a long time ago. My dad didn’t take it well, but I was just a toddler then and don’t remember much about her. However, having these old things in our house isn’t so bad because my dad sometimes does business with them, selling these collectibles to other people. He doesn’t do it full-time though, but side cash is nice.

Since my dad bought the 1950’s TV, I am waking up each night from the sound of it. My dad is watching this thing. It isn’t unusual for him to pay a lot of attention to the new things he purchased, but it’s kinda strange that he is watching the TV in the middle of the night.

In the darkness of the night, I can clearly hear him walking in the living room, turning on the TV and hitting the sofa. I wonder how he managed to set up the TV so fast. It probably shouldn’t have worked with modern day broadcasts right away and demanded some serious updates. Also, I don’t understand how it can be so interesting to watch this old TV if we have big, modern LED TV on the wall. Usually, after some time passes, I can hear my dad going to the kitchen and taking something to eat from the fridge. Then I fall asleep.

The last night, I decided that I should check what exactly my dad is doing. I waited for the moment when he sat on the sofa and then got up from my bed. There is a hall from my bedroom to the living room. When I got into the hall, I saw the gray light from the TV, but I still couldn’t see the sofa and my dad. After I took a few steps, the TV turned off and steps went to the dad’s bedroom which is located at the opposite side of our house. I sighed and went back to bed.

Today, I figured that I would just ask him why is he watching the old TV during the nights. I wouldn’t mind, but some important exams are closing in, and I would like to have a good, uninterrupted sleep. He doesn’t bother anybody else though because we are living here just the two of us.

”Hey, dad. I would like to ask you something. Why are you watching the old TV in the night? Why not do it during the evening, or in the morning when I’m already wake?”

“What are you talking about, Jimmy? I haven’t touched that thing since I bought it,” he answered.

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