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First off, I’m not a writer so I apologize for any grammar mistakes or poor writing and secondly I created a throwaway account because things have got a little weird and I don’t want anything linking back to myself.

So it all started about 3 weeks ago, driving to work and I drove past a pretty normal looking house on Carshalton Road. Normally I wouldn’t notice any specific house but as I was driving a lady in a skirt suit was knocking on the door. Sounds pretty normal but when the door opened I am almost certain I saw her being dragged inside. Now I couldn’t be sure and by midday I had forgotten about it.

The next day driving to work once again, the same house but this time two men in suits were standing outside looking panicked. They seemed to be looking up the road but I couldn’t tell if they were looking for something or waiting, either way they wouldn’t leave the drive.

A week passed and there wasn’t much activity to make me notice but Saturday came and I decided to take a walk to the park with my 2 year old. Now I knew I would be passing Carshalton Road and I have to say I was a little excited to have a closer look at the house. I kept looking out for for sale signs incase that would explain the suits but nothing.

Now to be very honest, by the time we got to the house I had forgotten about everything and was distracted by my newly potty trained son and his urge to pee. However, as we were walking I heard a knocking on a window, assuming it wasn’t for me I ignored it but my forever curious boy started pointing up at a house saying “There’s a lady!”

I looked up and saw a lady, probably late 20’s dressed in a casual clothes (tshirt and jeans) standing in front of a full length window waving at me. With a big smile on her face she was waving and gesturing to come in. I looked around to see if anyone else was around because it was so casual, like she knew me. No one was there. So now I’m fucking spooked, I grabbed little mans hand and hurried my journey to the park but I couldn’t get it out of my head. Only then did it clicked that it was the house with the suits.

Days went by and I drove passed the house whenever I could but with no activity. Now just to make things clear, apart from a few chavs and troublemakers nothing interesting happens round here. By this point I’m just thinking I’m being paranoid.

That was until last week when once again on my drive to work, there was roadworks at the bottom on Carshalton Road and traffic was a bitch, I found myself crawling down the road fixated on the house. Every window is open, which is just strange because it’s bloody October and it’s pissing it down outside. Stranger yet no cars are on the drive, but then again, there could be 100 different explanations. That’s when I saw it, one of the netted curtain made its way outside the window due to the heavy winds and lining the bottom was what looked like blood. It was so heavy it appeared it had been dipped in a pot of red paint just seconds before.

My heart pounding I look around to see if anyone else is seeing it but everyone just seems engrossed in the slowly moving traffic. I pick up my phone and dial 999, from then, my life has never been the same.

After explaining what I saw and getting them to text me a reference number I tried to carry on as normal. I carried on my normal routine work, my son and housework. Two days ago I glimpsed at my phone to see a friend request on Facebook. I recognise the face but cannot pinpoint from where. I ignore it and carry on with my day until I receive a call from an unrecognised number, I leave it to go the voicemail only remembering later that night to listen. I sit on the sofa, call my voicemail to hear a gentleman tell me he is from the local police station and to ring me urgently.

I try the number but it’s too late and wait until the next morning. Ringing the number once again I get through to PC Taylor, he tells me they need to speak to me urgently and to come in as soon as possible. I tell him my address and he tells me to stay inside, lock the doors and windows and he will be round soon.

Like he promised, he was here within 20 minutes as I anxiously played with my son trying to distract myself from what was happening. He tells me to sit down and he has some troubling news about a recent report I made.

Two officers were scheduled to check out the house a couple hours after my report. When they arrived there was no answer but due to the nature of the report they were given the all clear to enter through one of the open windows. Once in, it was quite apparent they were entering a murder scene. How many and the nature of this he was unable to confirm until a public conference was held.

No arrests had been made and the investigators were still working on any leads as the owners of the house now resided in France and the tenants were renting on an off the books basis so that was a dead end. I asked why this would mean I needed to lock my windows and doors, to which he answered “I’m afraid that during the search of the house, a laptop was found which included a file, withing the file were multiple pictures of various different people, one of which was you”.

I froze, I have never felt fear like it, my coping mechanism of finding logical explanations wasn’t working anymore. I couldn’t find words even though I had a thousand questions in my head. The only of which I was able to get out being “Why?”. “We don’t know, but try not to worry too much, there were many other pictures of people, you were one of many, these people may have just been taking random pictures out the window”. Now I wouldn’t say I was relieved, but a rice sized amount of fear was released. But more questions arise, people? There was more than one person involved? Again he refused to disclose.

I ask how if I can ring 101 with my reference number to get get updates. He looked a little confused and told me that due to the severity of the situation, it’s probably best I call him directly and gave me a card. It was blank, with just a number and a embossed circle with a square tilted to a diamond in the middle.

Well what now? Nothing apparently, I just need to sit tight and wait for this to go public. Carry on with life as best as possible, like nothing has fucking happened. I’m scared, so scared, I guess the point of writing this is to get my story out incase anything happens. Hoping for some support for anyone that could have possibly gone through the same thing.

I’m so paranoid at the moment I cannot leave my house, even thinking this random add on Facebook looks like the women who was at the window. My minds playing tricks on me. I hear things at night, my son keeps talking about the lady upstairs, telling me she’s crying, maybe my thoughts are rubbing off on him.

Anyways I best go, will post updates if anything happens, I can see a police car driving in my close so may be sooner than later.

Author: CarshaltonRoad

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