creepypasta demon

This is the story of the Rain Man. You may think that he’s just some creepypasta demon, but, if he comes after you, don’t be amazed. He is very real.

During the fall and winter seasons, it rains a lot in my country. My mother told me that it used to snow back in the day. The snow would fall at the start of the winter and stay until the spring sun melted it, but it’s not like that now. I see snow only a couple of times during the winter. Mostly it’s just raining. You may ask why am I telling you this, but trust me after you read all my story you’ll wish it never rains again.

I was going to school when I saw the Rain Man for the first time. I noticed his strange raincoat. It looked really weird, that was why it drew my attention. The coat probably had all the shades of gray. It achieved this look by countless patches it had, and every patch had the different shade, but they all were gray. That wasn’t all. The coat was also very long. Its lower edge was lying on the asphalt because it was too big for its wearer.

I couldn’t see his face because the Rain Man was looking in the different direction. After a few seconds, he disappeared around the corner, and I had to go the other way.

I didn’t recall him in my memory during that day. I had completely forgotten about the Rain Man until I saw him again the very next day. He was standing at the same place. I thought that he probably was some hobo because my school was located in the city center, and they were begging for the money quite often there. I assumed him to be a hobo because a normal person wouldn’t wear such strange, old and unfitting clothes.

After that, the Rain Man was standing at the same spot every day as I went to school. I started to notice that no one really paid attention to him. It was like only I could see him, but I couldn’t be sure. I had my own life, so I didn’t contemplate that much about some homeless person, and I definitely didn’t think that I would see him on weekend too.

The thing is that I was living in other town and was going to school each morning by train. The Rain Man was living in the capital city where my school was located, I was sure of it until I saw him on Saturday.

That Saturday I was going to the store to buy dishes for the dinner. My mom was working on Saturdays, so I had to take care of the stuff.

I was pacing confidently with umbrella clutched in my hand as it was raining like all the other days that week. Through the rain, I could see the familiar silhouette. It was the Rain Man, only this time it seemed that he was looking at me. I still couldn’t see his face because he was too far. As I approached closer, he turned to the other side and walked away. By then it all had got a little bit unsettling for me, but I still wasn’t afraid.

Just before walking into the store, I got some really weird feeling, like I was being watched. I turned my head, and in the corner of the eye, I saw that edge of the Rain Man’s coat disappeared behind some house.

Later, when we were eating dinner, I told my mother all about the Rain Man, but she didn’t really seem to care. She was probably just too tired. After my dad left us, she was working in two jobs. I understood her because that event had started my depression too, as life hadn’t been hard enough before.

I still remember the sound of the raindrops falling on the ledge behind my window that evening. My mother was long asleep then. She always went to sleep early because the two jobs and dad leaving us had got her bad.  As I couldn’t sleep, I decided to look out of the window.

The Rain Man was standing under the streetlight. I lived on the second floor, and he had his head leaned down, so again, I couldn’t see his face, but I was sure it was him. I’d never seen another raincoat like his.

I woke up my mother for her to look at the strange person, but when she got to the window the Rain Man was gone. I remember how disappointed she was that I’d woken her.

On Sunday I’d got really anxious. I was looking for the Rain Man everywhere, but he didn’t appear that day. It was one of the few winter days when it didn’t rain.

On Monday the rain was back and also the Rain Man. He was standing in the same spot where I’d noticed him for the first time. When I turned around the same corner I crossed every day of the working week, I sensed the strong feeling of being watched again. Just like on Saturday. This time I didn’t turn my head. I knew it was him anyway. I just started to walk faster.

After that, I saw him everywhere – outside the window of my school, at the cafeteria, in the empty school hallways, on the street on my way back home and even in the train to my hometown. I never saw his face, he was always looking in another direction, leaning his head too much or just being too far away.

No one could see him, just me. On my way back home, I asked an old lady on the train was she seeing him, but she just looked at me frustratedly and said that she’d never seen the raincoat like I was describing in her entire life.  By then I knew that the Rain Man was something paranormal.

After an hour, the train arrived at my station, I had to get out. What else would I have done? I didn’t want to get off the train because my hometown was a small town, it was dark in the winter evening and usually, there weren’t many people on the streets. It was a perfect place for an attack.

In the end, I was rushing home along the main street. I couldn’t see the Rain Man anywhere but was looking for him all around. Bushes and dark corners were things to avoid. I had to stay in an open place, so I could notice him in time.  I turned around the last corner and was on my home street. My house was visible in the distance.

Under the last street light pole before my house, he was standing. His raincoat as weird and creepy as ever, the raindrops recoiling from his suit in the artificial lighting. I’ll never forget this sight. It seemed like the time had stopped then. Once again, he was leaning his head down, so I couldn’t see his face, but if he lifted it just a bit, the face would become visible. And he did just that.

Even in the artificial street lightning, his eyes seemed wildly bright. It seemed that there was a lit up fire in them. Everything under the cape was just black except the eyes, which were glowing bright red. Then the strongest feeling of terror grabbed me, and I turned around and run.

From there it all was just a crazy carousel. I was running as fast as I could, but the Rain Man was always in front of me. He was everywhere, his demon eyes penetrating into my soul. There were no people on the streets, and I couldn’t get inside anywhere. All doors were closed.

In the end, I somehow got back to the train station. Now I think he led me there because he was always in front of me, so I just changed the direction as he’d planned.

At the train station, as a miracle, there was a train. Its doors were open. I didn’t think clearly, I just got on it. Immediately after my boarding, the doors closed and the train departed. The train wagon was empty, but it was nothing unusual at that hour. I was going further to other wagons in hope to find some other people, but the whole train was empty. This wasn’t normal, but at least I couldn’t see the Rain Man. I sat down and started to look out of the window.

The view was weird. I couldn’t see anything. It was very dark, unusually dark – no houses, no signal lights, nothing at all. The rain was so strong that through its gusts I couldn’t see any trees, bushes or meadows either. I looked down, and then I understood that the Rain Man had got me. There was no ground at all, only rain droplets reflecting the light coming from the train windows. The train was just levitating through the rain and night into the eternity.

I don’t know what made me do it, but I got up and walked into the machinist cabin. The doors were open.

He was sitting there, his raincoat lying on the floor. The Rain Man was the devil machinist of this train to nowhere. I was very close to him, I hadn’t been so close to the Rain Man before. Then he turned around and looked me straight into the eyes. I could see his face clearly for the first time…


Sorry, I’m so sorry, you can’t imagine how sorry I am, but I had to do this! I could write and write about all the torture and pain I have to endure now, but you wouldn’t possibly understand. If you read the first part of this note, then I’ve done my job. You are now connected to the Rain Man. He grows his power through your awareness of his existence. The Rain Man can choose you as his victim now. Again, I’m really sorry… You see, I have to obey his orders now, and he’s looking for the prey. I had never thought that something like creepypasta demon could be real.

My dearest wish is to die finally. My soul doesn’t want to be tortured in this purgatory anymore, but for me to be free there has to be someone else in my place…

Of course, the chance is slight that he’ll choose exactly you as I’m spreading this file as broadly as I can, but if you are a lonely and depressed person as I was, and it often rains in your country then you are in danger for sure.

Although I’ve been captured for some time now, I don’t know much about the Rain Man. I know only that he’s a demon, which feeds on captured souls, but that isn’t anything surprising. Is it? But there is also something else. The Rain Man really hates sunny days. He just can’t stand them, but he really, really loves rain. The rain and darkness really suit his demon deeds. That’s why I’m calling him like that. If he chooses you, my only advice is to move to some place where it never ever rains. Like never…

Author: Sebastian Winter

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