best love poems

This article is a little bit different than my usual stuff. I’m not only a short horror story author, but also I’m a poet. In this article, I compiled my best love poems for her. Enjoy the read!


Love is a feeling in summer fields
Love brakes all invisible shields
I guess I’m in love so deep and strong
For you my darling day and night I long


Common baby take my hand
For this story big and grand
I’ll love you forever like in tales
Together we’ll walk thousand trails


Please take me far, far away
Please kind words to me always say
I’ll go with you wherever you go
I’ll make our love so brightly glow


Across this vast and mighty sea
My eyes in distance your shape see
You’re still very far away
But my lips your name say


I may have countless silly dreams
But only one that matters seems
To hold your hand forever tight
To walk together to the light


Each day I stray in a love-struck haze
Is it forever or is it a phase?
I can’t really tell
Am I sick or am I well?
Only thing I know for sure
These feelings are strong and pure


When snowflakes started to fall
He finally found courage raw
To tell her about feelings inside
For too long to the world he’d lied

She looked at him surprised
Uncertainties finally vaporized
Now she could show the love inside
Soon, soon she’d be bride


When I met you
I found poetry true
It was in your beautiful smile
It was in your special style


The land of love is so strange
No clouds in my sight range
No boundaries and no obstacles
Just world full of loving couples


As river flowing
As wind blowing
As birds singing
As bees humming
I love you so naturally


Come and walk with me
I’ll make you wonder of love to see
Don’t be afraid, take my hand
Together with you I’ll forever stand


I played you like a violin in the dark
I saw in your eyes a true spark
You begged me to never stop playing
And I promised to never stop loving


Like an eager lark
In the first morning spark
Like an owl’s cry
In the night sky
My heart belongs to you
I guess you already knew


Night on the lake
We wide awake
Making love in the moonlight
Denying the daylight


When I met you I already knew
You were made for me and I was for you
To dance this dance of love forever
To warm our freezing hands together


Oh, girl, I want to eat your poisonous apple
My entrance forever closed to the chapel
Don’t care about purest heavenly grace
Just want to kiss your sinful face
This field of love is for us sinners
Never cared to be among God’s winners
I’ll love you gently in our darkness
For this passion to bloom strong and endless
I’m your Master, you’re my Margarita
My dearest sin, my best dolce vita


Come, girl, enclose me in your hands
I’m tired of walking these countless lands
I’m craving for sweet bliss of love
So tell me, girl, are you the one?


Your warm kiss on my lips
This sweet poison my tongue sips
Our wrong love no one will get
I’m your Romeo, you’re my Juliet


Come with me to the shore of sea
Come and look into my eyes
Say, what do you see?
Kiss me now or say forever goodbyes


With the wind of love I now stray
It blew all heavy clouds away
You came so suddenly and fast
Forever I want this moment to last


We, two lonely souls dancing in the dark
Hoping there will never come morning spark
Hiding forever in this quiet, lovely night
Only our faces in each other’s sight


Love is a dangerous game
Everyone plays, but it’s never the same
So, will you take my hand to come and play?
Or will you go your separate way?


I’m a dreamer
I always was one eager
But my dreams were incomplete
Like a lonely, empty street
Until I met you
That moment so true
It fulfilled my empty spaces
It gave color to people’s faces
And my dreams got wings
They flew to an angel who sings
And now heavens know
I love you so


Across the winter fields
Frost relentless sword wields
And wind comes and takes away
My words I wanted to say

I guess now they are lost in this land
To the wind they now are band
I hope that wind will remember to sing
Them when it will springtime bring

But then it will be different
Long in the sleep frost’s furious serpent
And wind will be pleasant and warm
It will gently caress your arm

And you will eagerly consume
The beautiful view of cherry tree’s bloom
And then wind will whisper in your tender ear
You don’t even know how much I love you my dear


Find me when you are ready to go blind
Find me when you are ready to be kind
I’m hiding on the edge of the rain
I’m hiding on this barren plane
I’m not sure if I feel joy or pain
I’m just levitating here, this weird me
Out of this world, alone in the sea
Just come and find me, take my hand
I’m ready to be taken away from this land

Thank you for reading my best love poems for her!

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