becoming monster

”So, how’s it been, Susan?”

”Something of this, something of that, you know life is life.”

”I see, you don’t want to talk about it…”

”It’s not like I don’t want to… Just ask something more specific.”

”What did you do after you left town with Jimmy and where is he? What is he doing?”

”The job was really great, I had the big one. Salary, you know. Really worth moving away. We got married but didn’t have kids. For Jimmy moving away wasn’t as great as it was for me. So, the time went by and eventually we divorced. With no apparent reason actually. We just both knew it was over. I really don’t know what he is doing now. Although we parted as friends, we haven’t kept the contacts.”

”When did it happen? Divorce I mean, how are you holding up?”

”Oh, don’t worry, it was five years ago. Since then scars have healed.”

”I see… Where do we have to go now?”

”There, the path to the peak is there. Aren’t mountains beautiful at this hour?”

”They surely are. The sunset will be stunning, but isn’t it dangerous to walk these paths after the dark? How are we going to get back?”

”Ha, ha, Michael! You’ve always been the cautious one. Don’t worry, I know all these paths by heart. Nothing bad is going to happen.”


”It’s amazing! Look at those colors, Michael! Sunset at the peak of the mountain is the view worth million dollars!”

”Yeah, it is… Susan, I have to ask you something… What is it that you really want? You know, after all these years you just appear out of the blue and invite me to this mountain trip… I would understand if your divorce happened just now, but you said it has been five years already. I’m sorry for my impoliteness, but life has changed me.”

”Michael, I don’t think that you’ve changed at all. You wouldn’t have accepted my invitation in the first place if you had changed. You always were the polite one and Jimmy was the rough one… Tell me, do you still think I’m pretty?”

”Am… What kinda question is that? I’ve never said that you are pretty… But yes, you are. You still are very pretty… only a little bit pale. Why are you so pale?”

”Michael, you’re so naive! Do you really think I didn’t notice all the sneaky looks you gave me back then? You probably jerked off to my photo every night back in the middle school, but I chose Jimmy… and you never said that I’m pretty. You fool!”


”Don’t Susan me, Michael! Tell me, do you still want me?”


”You do! You know we came here on purpose. We have a mission to fulfill!”

”Susan, you really are pale. How did I not notice that before? Are you sick?”

”I’m not sick! Come and kiss me, touch my breasts!”

”Susan, what are you doing?!”

”How do you like them? Aren’t they big?”

”Why are you so cold?”

”Just shut up, Michael! Tell me that I’m pretty!”


”Susan, I hope you got what you wanted, but I think we really have to go now. You’re pale and cold. I think that you’re sick after all.”

”I got what I wanted, but they didn’t…”

”What are you talking about? Who are they?”

”Michael, you’ll know soon…”

”What is that in your hand?”


”Ow! Is that knife?! What are you doing?!”

”I’m sorry, Michael! Soon you’ll understand…”

”Is that my blood?! Susan why, why did you do it?!”

”Goodnight, Michael…”


Hey, baby! We know that you’re awake. Don’t worry, soon you’ll feel better…”

”What the fuck is going on?! Susan, you… you… bitch! Did you kill me?! Why am I not dead?”

”Michael, I know, I’m selfish. I made you my husband forever, but you’ll accustom. Just calm down and listen to them.”

”Yeah, listen to us. We’ll give you everything you need, baby. We’re better than anyone. We’re better than your mother, your God, your dreams… We’ll make you truly happy. You’re so important to us. Be free from all your life problems and pain! With us, you’ll live forever!”

”Who’s talking to me?! Where are you! Show yourself!”

Hi, hi, hi, we’re here all around you and inside you too. From now on we’ll be with you forever!”


”Listen, Michael, you have to calm down, it doesn’t take long to accustom. This will be the best thing that ever happened to you.”


”Susan, I think we can go now. I really feel a lot better.”

”I told you, Michael! Come, take my hand!”

”My hand is also cold now and it’s so easy to see in the dark, even without any light, isn’t it great?”

”It surely is.”

”Susan, I just wanted to say that you are a very pretty girl!”

”Oh, thank you! I think this pale skin color really suits you well too, Michael!”

”Thanks! You know what I think?”


”Although you’re my wife forever now, I think we’ll be lonely. I think we have to find Jimmy now. Jimmy will appreciate this too!”

”Such a great idea! And after that, we’ll find someone for Jimmy. Let’s go!”

”Yeah, our little babies, go, go! And after Jimmy, find us Jane, Trevor, Angela, Monika, Roger, Jack, Mike and all the others! Everyone, everyone! Hi, hi, hi…”

Author: Sebastian Winter

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