ax killer

Howdy dear listeners! How are you doing today? I hope you’re well! Weather is going to be nice! Isn’t that great? 77 to 80 Fahrenheit, no clouds and no wind. We may have a minor traffic jam towards the evening, but that is normal — people are enjoying the summer. The local mayor has gathered 70 percent of votes, so he’s been elected again. The third term in a row.

But now a little bit more concerning news. The second murder has happened in the area. The police think that this could be a serial killer. For now, there are no eyewitnesses. The only piece of evidence the police has managed to gather is the fact that the killer likes to smoke a rare Ukrainian cigarette brand Blossom&Decay. Unfortunately, there is more thrilling news. A lady claims that last night she saw weird lights shining into her window. She also claims that lights were belonging to some flying object…

That was what the radio was blaring to me in the morning. After that, I changed the station because I didn’t want to listen to such concerning news.

What good do they bring anyway? The only thing I need to know is that the world is still in its place and isn’t going anywhere.

All in all, today was a great day in the convenience store. I work there as a vendor. There weren’t many people around because most of them were enjoying the great weather in nature, so I could read my book and doze off.

However, my peace was disturbed when Mrs. Carter came into the store. It turned out that she was the lady who’d seen the mysterious lights in the skies yesterday.

”It was terrible and thrilling. I’ve never seen something like that in my whole life. That thing was inspecting me while I was sleeping. It was gathering some information, I can tell. The end is near. God himself is sending them to end this all. We’re sinful, so sinful…”

”Please calm down, Mrs. Carter. Maybe they were just some kids playing with the drone. You know, the flying robot thing. There’s nothing to worry about. Here are your tomatoes.” I gave her the tomatoes.

”Maybe, maybe… You really calm me down Roger, but you can’t know everything. I hope I’ll never see these lights again. God bless you.” And then she left.

Mrs. Carter was an old, religious lady who believed in aliens. Yeah, such a mix, I know, but people are different. It wouldn’t be interesting if we all were the same.

Since her husband had died, she always liked to get into small talks with other people in the town. She never hesitated to express her opinion. Apparently, she even had contacted the police to tell about her visions.

I tried not think about all this during the rest of the day, but I couldn’t. It came to my mind again and again. How I’m being abducted by them. The beam of antigravity light taking me from my home. Then the bright, smooth, oval surfaces of the spaceship and they… Their slimy, slender fingers inspecting my body while I’m unable to move because I’m hypnotized or some shit like that… By then, I really needed to snap out of it.

The fact is that I don’t believe in aliens, but somehow it doesn’t make the thought of abduction less scary. In life, you can never be hundred percent sure about anything…

When I came home in the evening, I’d calmed down. I wasn’t thinking about Mrs. Carter’s ridiculous ideas anymore.

After opening my parade door, I sensed some strange odor in the house. It made me anxious. I’m actually a very meticulous person, so the mysterious smell in my house completely threw me off. I inspected the whole house until I figured that the smell was coming from the kitchen. There was no place for such a smell in the kitchen. I opened the door…

It was lying on the plate, but already before seeing it, I’d finally figured out what the smell was. How silly of me not recognizing it immediately…

Now I’m sharpening the ax. It really was stressful when I saw that Mrs. Carter woke up when I was inspecting her house with my drone yesterday. It was so stressful that I even smoked one of my favorite cigarettes in the kitchen, which I never do, and I didn’t properly put it out before my job, making it generate the smell in the house. I smoke only on special occasions because it’s really hard to get my favorite brand Blossom&Decay…

Author: Sebastian Winter

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