About me sebastianwinterwriter


The fact that you are here already means a lot to me. It means that you wanted to find out something more about me. I know that we have a major flaw in on our relationship, that we probably will never meet and never see each other, but I just want you to know that I’m a completely ordinary person who has everyday job, wife, old car and a little quirk for writing.

I made this blog to share my writing with the world. Why horror you may ask? You see, I think that horror is the strongest genre for taking someone away from the everyday life. And we all sometimes need that. Also, it makes us to return to our lives with satisfaction that we don’t have to endure trials of the horror genre characters. It doesn’t make us want to stay in the dream/fantasy world, but at the same time can be very imaginative. That’s why I’m writing in this genre. Oh, and also because of that creeping excitement all horror fans feel when they start to read something new :).

All stories posted on this blog are complete. I don’t show incomplete stuff to my auditory because I know how disapointing it can be to start reading something to realize it’s not complete.

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If you like my work, and you want to help somehow, the best way to do it is to share it with the world. Also, you can subscribe to this blog and follow me on my social media accounts. Thank you for your attention and have a pleasant reading experience!