ax killer

Howdy dear listeners! How are you doing today? I hope you’re well! Weather is going to be nice! Isn’t that great? 77 to 80 Fahrenheit, no clouds and no wind. We may have a minor traffic jam towards the evening, but that is normal — people are enjoying the summer. The local mayor has gathered 70 percent of votes, so he’s been elected again. The third term in a row.

But now a little bit more concerning news. The second murder has happened in the area. The police think that this could be a serial killer. For now, there are no eyewitnesses. The only piece of evidence the police has managed to gather is the fact that the killer likes to smoke a rare Ukrainian cigarette brand Blossom&Decay. Unfortunately, there is more thrilling news. A lady claims that last night she saw weird lights shining into her window. She also claims that lights were belonging to some flying object…

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cannibal tales

Today my parents called and invited me to the dinner. It’s nice to have a family dinner once in a while.

I’m not living with my family for almost four years already. At first, they didn’t believe in me when I wanted to move out. They said that I wasn’t going to be able to provide for myself, to survive, especially in the city, but already then I knew that I would manage.

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